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We are a vibrant boutique video production company – a cooperative of the finest creative animals in the industry.

Located on the rain forest escarpment in Wollongong and within the thriving city of Sydney, we draw on nature and innovation to breathe life into all of our projects.

Mane Collective is all about vibrant hand-crafted production that tells a story. The lion is fearless when displaying his mane, and so are we. Communicating your message may seem daunting but we have you covered. We specialise in creative direction and innovative content across a range of mediums:

– Video for Web and TV
– 2D and 3D Animation
– Virtual Reality (VR) & 360 Video
– Graphic Design
– Sound Design
– Freelance Directing and Camera Operation.
– Copywriting

Being a boutique production company we work closely with you – our client – and get to the heart of your business. We want to get you roaring. There is no project too big or small. Here at Mane Collective we pride ourselves on producing content worth sharing, so get a quote today!

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."


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Video Production

Video Production

Video production is the heart of Mane Collective. Whether you're selling a product, training staff, pitching business ideas, want engaging editorials or simply after the best possible medium to tell a story, Mane Collective will transform your message into a compelling video with a distinctive hand-crafted narrative.

Live Stream

Live Stream

Present your products and services in real-time to any number of viewers locally or globally. We have the skills to handle the technical complexities and the perfect venue to utilise this cutting edge technology.



Animation is a powerful tool to explain complex ideas. It reshapes ideas into comprehensible moving images and symbols. At Mane Collective we specialise in 2d and 3d animation, using motion graphics and vfx compositing to communicate your ideas - no matter how complex - in an accessible and absorbing format. 

Virtual Reality & 360 Video

Virtual Reality & 360 Video

Like most people, we are obsessed with the future of technology. Virtual reality (VR), 360 video and other immersive technologies are undoubtedly the future of entertainment and marketing. At Mane Collective we are proud to offer these services to our clients.

Sound Design

Sound Design

Mane specialises in composing tailored music scores, sound effects and voice recording. Need to set the vibe with your video? Go that one step further and upgrade your video package deal to get your very own music score.

"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you just about everywhere"

Albert Einstein



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